Wednesday, January 14, 2009

misato,hikari,beldandy,setsuna-update 2

after the mission impossible 1 and a break from HK trip, i'm back to the current figures-misato,hikari,beldandy,setsuna. however, i've to exclude beldandy for the time being coz she's need more time for assembling-the hair is a puzzle.:-(

they are all primed and ready to be painted. looking at the image, they form the scale of 1/6-1/

i can't find the yellow cushion she's sitting on, but i found a dice cushion for her.;-p

a lot of puttying and fitting is done on her, especially the hair. the base is further enhanced with texture gel.

will try to search for a gundam 00 logo for him.:-)

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