Tuesday, December 16, 2008

mission 'possible' 1-euffie-update 1

this prepainted figure is slotted in coz she's need to be completed before christmas as a gift. the initial plan is to get her repainted due to the some faults and broken parts, but as i examined the parts, she comes up with more assembling problem.

judging from the broken parts, they are not the common resin material, but a much lower grade and they are brittle, a slight unnatural bend will cause it to split into 2.:-(

i have skipped most of the repairing steps due to time constrained. this image shows the assembled hair. i have a hard time figuring which parts to fit in. nevertheless, with reference from the completed image from whf, i can roughly get them done. the hair is able to hold its position with the used of 0.3mm wire.

euffie is primed and ready to be painted.:-)

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