Sunday, February 12, 2012

marvel and dc heroes/villains

these are some of the latest dc and marvel figures that i purchased. they are produced by spawny:) here're the quick preview of the figures:)

1/4 scale

this deadpool is very well sculpted by Marc. however, for this figure, i have forcefully make the standing pose 'wider' using the heat gun. this lead to a crack, but was patched up using epoxy putty.

a very huge batman sculpted by Sheridan.

a very well sculpted black widow who can match the 1/4 avengers team:)

1/5 scale

personally, i found this is the best hulk ever sculpted. he is sculpted by Troy and i have finally had my hand on him:)

venom on spiderman tomb. great posture and i have changed the original round base to a square block to give a seriousness of venom.

1/6 scale

a cute batgirl sculpted by Ehren:)

overall, i might start to work on the black widow and batgirl first, but i will post my workbench schedule soon... so many nice figures, so little time:(

1 comment:

dimas geel said...

wow. nice stuff!
by the way i can't wait for the avengers movie! :D

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