Sunday, January 16, 2011

the start of 2011

is it useful to plan what i need to complete in 2011? in 2010, i will say i have managed to fulfill only 30% of what i have planned in 2009:( anyway, time is always the factor to complete the tasks:)

in 2011, i have set some goals instead of action plans for dzetaplus and will be working hard to achieve them. meanwhile, i will like to show my appreciation for the support by friends(including local and oversea customers) for showing the support in dzetaplus and the drive for me to carry on the gk modelling. i believe this year will be more productive as i will be more focus in working on the figures. anyway, action will speak more than wordings:)

for the past week, i have found some bases for the existing commission works:)

some figures that i have done coz i can't resist the beautiful sculp they have:P

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