Sunday, April 18, 2010

my entries in singapore mid year mg competition 2010

these will be my entries for the mid year competition. the competition allows all entries from bandai mg series, inclusive of the figurine. therefore, i have decided to send in the mg son goku and a zaku mg that i thought adding char figure in, but i dun think i have much time to do that:(

for mg son goku, i have sealed up the join area after deciding the final post and some minor resculting. it's not much of a dynamic posture, but rather a simple posture that give an impression that "dun mess with me";)

this is a first version zaku that i bought few years back. the mod is done at the torso and elbow joint for better aesthetic look. i'm trying to put as many weapon as i can find in the box for the concept of "the last space operation":)

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