Wednesday, July 15, 2009

shii,mirei,revy,nao,euffie-update 4

for the past wks, i've been busy with design proposals and doesn't have much time working on them. anyway, i tried to squeeze out some time and manage to complete the general painting. it's quite a hectic to work on 5 figures, thinking it will still be better to work on 4 figures max in future. next will be more on detailing and touching up. targeting to complete them by end or early next wk:)

she's a beauty at this scale:)

my second time working on nao, quite an enjoyable figure to work on. revy is fun , but the tattoo will take time paint and referencing.

the same color scheme based on my earlier version of shii and mirei, except the hairstyle and color of mirei has changed.

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