Friday, May 29, 2009

mid year singapore gundam competititon 2009

i have been rushing on the mid year gundam contest lately and today is the submission. there're still more to be done on them, especially on the battle damaged, i will only be able to work on them after the contest. apologised that i have no time to take the completed diorama, but only the wip one.

there are 2 categories-gundam 00 and sangokuden. i have chosen sangokuden coz i have not done any sd contest before.

in the early stage, i do have a mental lock on wanting to create a fierce scene for the sd as they are already cute in nature. instead of going against the cuteness, i decided to add in the fun element-joy. bearing in mind of the limited movement for sd models, i want to build a diorama with joy that are shared among soldierhood. whether the battle is win or lose, they go in together and come out together. this diorama showcases a happy facial eyes expression on both the generals and soldiers while walking together. it somehow bonds all the brotherhood together. thus, the title of my entry is called HAPPY RETREAT.

i will update on the completed diorama once i touched up on them.;-)

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