Monday, February 23, 2009

sailor mars,milly, suzaku -update 1

a new project has started while completing the earlier figures. i have washed and pinned the next set of figures together.

when i first look at sailor mars, i thought she's gonnabe a simple figure, but i'm wrong. the difficult part is the joining between the hair, head and the body. they doesn't seem to fit well and lot of work need to be done. u can see there's a gap between the arm and clothing. i will need to fill them up with putty.:-(

surprisingly, the cat comes very well intact when the arms are pinned together for suzaku. quite a relieve, except the head doesn't fit well to the body.

for milly, i have joined all the loose parts to the body, otherwise, there will be a lot of issue when the parts are painted, such as glue stained, gaps...

a bonus figure, cobra, that i have tried to slot in my schedule. hopefully, i can get him done together.:-)

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